Artist co-lab #3: Q&A with Meyer Lavigne

H: What is the inspiration for your collection - the unique mirrors and the necklaces?

 ML: The mirrors are a further development of our ceramic wall pieces, both in technique and artistic expression, but with the developing of the beads, we had to approach it in a different way because of the size. We have never worked in such a small scale before, so of course there were some limits regarding form and technique. But we wanted to create a more rough look as a contrast to the smooth pearls.

H: How did the idea for creating mirrors come up?

ML: We wanted to create an additional ‘product’ and we decided on the mirror because of the possibility to work with an object that could be a crossover between art and design and of course a mirror fits well together with jewelry.

H: What steps went into the process of creating the collection? (how do you work?)

ML: We have never designed jewelry before, so in such a process we always start to gather inspiration, mostly on Pinterest, trying to create a universe in which we want to tab in. When we have created our universe we start directly in the material and together with the limitations of the clay, the colors and shapes of the pearls, we start the actual design process.

Our work with the mirrors was more straight forward as we have worked with that impression before. Here we concentrated about the shape of the mirror, which we wanted to be very feminine.

H: How does this collection fit into your artistic practice?

ML: Because our main material is clay, we were not on completely thin ice. Actually it was an inspiring process and we really love to work with different materials and expressions. Collaborations like this just creates more ideas to our artistic practice.

H: How was it working with new materials – such as the semi-precious stones?

ML: We love to be challenged by new materials. It means new inspiration and forces us to think in new ways. It is so rewarding and then stones….. who does not love to ‘play’ with them.

H: What Is your favorite stone/stones? Why?

ML: Our favorite stone must be the turquoise, it’s a rough stone, that comes in so many shades and with so many different markings and if you believe in the power of stones it actually helps strengthen your creativity. It’s got that cool hippie vibe over it and we both have some sweet memories from our childhood and youth pointing this direction….and then a turquoise just has the most beautiful color on a sunburnt skin.